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The trading preparation is an essential part of trading and usually very time-consuming.

Often the trader is not adequately supported by the charting and trading platforms.

More often than not functions are missing to take results of the trade preparation such as trend-lines, suport- and resistance areas etc. to other charts or to other computers.

Therefore it is not surprising that 90% of all traders trade without adequate preparation.

We were facing the same problems and developed for us the appropriate "tools" to solve the above problems, at least partially.

Data and results of our trade preparation together with configurations of our analysis tools are provided by us centrally, retrieved by our indicators and our strategies and drawn on the charts.

Thereby we focus on the two axes of a chart: price (TT4Y_fxLevelLines) and time (TT4Y_TimeBoxes).

With one keystroke you can show and hide objects and thus you have a base setup for your charts.

We call this basic setup also as "trading-map".

She shows us support and resistance lines (based on the 1h-chart), Stop Hunting areas (based on the weekly-chart) and the expected daily-high and -lows (based on the daily-chart).

Our goal is always to support the specific trade entry and exit points.

With the TT4Y_TimeBoxes you can analyze price movements in the dimension of time. (for example hours, session, session-phase etc.) and these in almost all chart settings (time, tick, renko, etc.).

Incorporate this information into your trading and then you can focus on your actual trading idea on the higher time frame, the choice of the instrument, the direction, the entry tactics, the appropriate positionsize and stops and exits.

Other important components of trading are the consideration of news, sentiment and trader mentality, to name only a few points.


Currently we support the JForex platform from Dukascopy.

We offer the services (functions and data service) for different subscription levels.

You can choose the supported instruments (EURUSD or MAJORS (4)), functions as well as the subscription period included in the different subscription levels.

For a longer subscription period you get a discount of up ~ 25%.

For serious traders we recommend the ADVANCED version.

To familiarize yourself with the download and the (very simple) installation on your computer, you can use the FREE version (with limited features).

Payment is made by PayPal. Subscriptions are usually  automatically renewed, provided that payment is timely.

You can terminate/cancel the subscription renewal at any time from your PayPal account.


Contact Information

Mag. Karlheinz Mungenast
Ueberbergweg 16d
A-6091 Goetzens / Austria

0043 720 60 11 28

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